In AdhTech Smart Polymers & Adhesives we work in order to produce new and improved polymeric materials and also we solve the problems that the industry of the polymer and adhesives actually has.
We have an extended experience on developing several industrial projects of several fields as automotive, medical or even construction, solving their initial problems and even improving expected theorical results.









A group of researchers of Alicante has developed several polymeric materials that recover their initial structure and shape just putting in contact both broken/ separated pieces of the material. Since the finding of the first material, they have developed different polymers with different properties that have self-healing and this property can be graduated depending on the formulation used. The structure recovery of the material is produced without applying any external force, just putting in contact both parts of separated specimen (produced autonomously when crack is produced itself by the also containing property of these kind of materials Shape Memory).

AdhTech Smart Polymers and Adhesives is a SpinOff specialised in the formulation of new smart polymers with self-healing and shape memory. With these properties the final product will have a longer life and also best behaviour in use.

AdhTech Smart Polymers & Adhesives
03690 San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante
Phone: +34 634 532 893


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